Motiva LLC is a hardware and software company with patented technology used to create video game products that excite and motivate people to engage their minds and bodies for a more enjoyable and healthy video game experience.


Motiva provides personal feedback of movement performance by real-time assessment and reporting of your movement capabilities according to video game demands and your physical conditioning.  Many types of movement skills are challenged during the video games including, but not limited to, change of speed, range of motion, mobility effectiveness and precision.  But the challenges are presented in a very entertaining way, so you hardly know your working out!


Motiva captures your movement in the video game - the wireless hand held or limb worn controllers register your movement in 3D, in real-time with high precision.  The controllers may be connected to other devices that alter the movement dynamics to create enhanced video gaming challenges and promote even greater physical conditioning.


How well do you move? Let Motiva decide!